The Project-Based Section 8 Program

Owned by private landlords, the Project-Based Section 8 program gives affordable apartment communities for low-income tenants. How does it work? The tenant either pays:

Requirements and eligibilities

Qualifications or exclusions may include:

How to find a Project-Based Section 8 Apartment

Through the apartment community, you will be able to find out if there are available units. If the community does not have available units, you will likely be placed on a waiting list. Take note that cities and towns manage their own Project-Based Section 8 apartment communities. What does this mean for you? Simply put, if one community you applied to does not have available units, you can easily visit other communities if they have available units.

Step 1: The application

Available by mail, online, or by getting the form directly from the office, the application form must be obtained, completed, and submitted according to the instructions of the property. When applying, you will usually be required to pay an application fee for each apartment community.

Applying online? You will be required to create a free account at the online portal. Note that you must have a valid email address that you should check often for updates from the owners of the properties. Make sure to keep all your login information safe.

Make sure to put accurate information. Putting false information into your application may become a cause of disqualification. If you are not sure about what information to put, contact the property owner or representative.

Step 2: The waiting

Once you submit your application, you will most likely be placed on a waiting list. When your application reaches the top of the list, this will be the time it will be fully processed. The length of your wait time will depend on where you applied. It may take as fast as a couple of weeks, to years. Make sure to keep records on where you applied to.

Stay in contact with the representative or owner of the property through the office, online, or by phone. If in case any changes in the information you put in the application occur, make sure to send the update to the property manager immediately.

The housing offices send notices from time to time. Make sure to respond during the given time frame to make sure that your application is still active.

Step 3: Moving in and staying in the unit

Finally, your application is approved! A unit for you to move-in will be assigned to you. Remember that if you decide to move to a different apartment location, you will not be able to take the rental assistance with you.

Every year, make sure to get recertified. This will ensure that your information and rental assistance is up to date.